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Meet Ellen



What People Say:

  • “Ellen is a player-coach: more about the WE, not ME”

  • “Your style makes people want to succeed, and motivates them to stay at the table”

  • “You were able to connect the big picture with practical, business with mission”

Why Night Heron?

Herons have excellent vision -- but they take their time observing their territory, before diving in. This summarizes my approach.*

27_ Ellen S- Fall 2020- Final.jpg

photo by Daisy Photography & Design - Stow

Who am I?

Ellen has worked in nonprofits for over 30 years, in a variety of sectors and positions.  She has served as interim executive director in a variety of situations that called for different needs from that position, and understands that your needs will be both unique and familiar. 

Ellen has presented a variety of workshops on financial literacy for nonprofits, most recently as part of the Foundation for Metrowest series and this spring at Nonprofit Net in Lexington.


Ellen, a lifelong resident of Massachusetts, has an MBA in Finance from Boston College, and serves as a Trustee of Hampshire College (B.A. History/Political Science), a Corporator for Middlesex Savings Bank,  serves on the Leadership Council for MassCreative, and continues to serve on the Stow Selectboard.

What else?

Professionally, I have worked almost exclusively with nonprofits, though I received fantastic training at Bank of Boston in my early years.


When not working, I have been a committed participant in civic work.  I was elected to the Stow Selectboard in 2019 (after a ten-year hiatus!); I have also served on my local school committee,  was assistant Town Meeting Moderator, and chaired an elementary school building committee. I am currently focused on being a Trustee of  Hampshire College, where I serve as chair of the Enrollment Committee.

I have lived in Stow since 1990 with my husband Mike, and a series of dogs (Rocky & Shanty, pictured); and am honored to be parent of two amazing adult children.

Sectors in which I've worked:
  • Environment/Land Conservation
  • Human Services
  • Arts Administration
  • Worker Owned Businesses
  • Consumer Owned Businesses

*The Night Heron photo I use was taken by Jim Braswell

I'd be happy to tell you more about my love of night herons (and osprey and other shore birds!)

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