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Nonprofits often go through tough times: a rough year financially, short falls with unexpected declines for grant applications, low year end donations...or perhaps an Executive Director left, or the Board had disagreements over tough strategic decisions. It's part of our non-profit life to deal with these ups and downs.

I am honored to be working with Science Club for Girls as they re-imagine and revitalize their programs. Over a year ago, they were ready to go on complete hiatus as they felt the need to take a hard look at their programs and operations. Though they still continued with one program, they were considerably smaller, allowing them to do a nearly complete "re-start". They now have a new Executive Director and new Board of Directors and their operating goal is to meet "best practices" in every side of their governance and operational practices.

I am working with them to think first of the information they need from their financial system and designing a chart of accounts and reporting structure to meet those goals. We are reviewing the roles of Board and Finance Committees, talking about the limitations and flexibility of a small staff when it comes to HR policies. I love being a part of a team so eager to do the best that non-profits have to offer! Please check them out at They are always looking for women scientists as mentors in their program and for board members who want to be part of this important work to encourage young women to be part of the next generation of science game changers!

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