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About Me

Ellen Sturgis has worked in nonprofits for over 30 years, in a variety of sectors and positions.  She has served as interim executive director in a variety of situations that called for different needs from that position, and understands that your needs will be both unique and familiar. 


The Big Picture is built of small details.


Is your organization in transition and in need of a steady hand?


Could you use an experienced CFO (but not full time) to advise you and your Board?


Do your operational systems resemble a crazy quilt? 

Does audit time cause you to cringe, much like it did last year?


Do you need help with a "reset" of your operations?


With 30 years of nonprofit experience, I can evaluate what your organization needs, and will work with you from design to implementation and not disappear before your staff is fully comfortable

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News & Articles of interest


From Driven Insights: Dave Robinson lays out the core to why financial management is crucial to the success of your nonprofit.  In this article, he articulates what the key responsibilities should be of your lead financial director, and how much your organization will benefit.